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Athens South, a Nashville, Tennessee based internet and mobile media marketing firm, uses Best Practices guidelines to enhance websites. Video content embedded in sites, help page-rankings get high placement. Video production content linked with YouTube or Vimeo is core to our marketing effort. Video is the most searched for content on the internet today, and YouTube is one of the top ways consumers find goods or services. A quality video can be produced for just a few hundred dollars, and video retainers start at just $100 per month, which includes additional website search engine optimization (SEO). Videos can also be monetized on YouTube or Vimeo to produce residual income for you.

Video for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be enhanced by instructional, or humorous video’s that will generate traffic to your website. YouTube is one of the most heavily visited Internet resources for general information.


Permission Based Marketing

Athens-South, LLC only partners with businesses that are proud of the work they do, and want to take advantage of marketing their good name.


Case Study

This small business had a pretty much flat presence on Facebook and the web, until we lit them up with a combination of social media placements (Google Places, Bing, Yelp, et al.).


Gurantee Like No Other

If your business doesn't see an increase in Business after the first three months, the next nine months are free,

06th Mar 2015
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Website Hacks

Website hacks are getting worse Small merchants are targets too. One of the security measures I’m recommending, is to break up your website resources into three baskets: the hosting the...

05th Mar 2015
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Mobile Friendly?

Is your website mobile friendly? It’s important that your web site is in a “responsive design”. That is to say, that it comes up on your smart phone or pad...

16th Dec 2014
3D Graphic Design

3D Design

3D Design by Athens South Moving into more and more still and video design work this year. 3D is an exciting area of design with the emergence of 3D printing....

20th Nov 2014

Creative Marketing

A press release, a camcorder and a mike…   Making a big splash for your business does not have to be expensive. Last saturday night, one of my clients was lucky enough...

Local SEO by Yoast

Website management for local merchants: WordPress Local SEO by Yoast (Retail Price: $68 per year) Local SEO plugin – Included in all Athens South Site Management Plans A great website...

How to get reviews

How to get reviews on Google I was looking for a new HVAC this week after my upstairs 20 year old unit died. I went to Google and searched HVAC. Google...

08th Aug 2014
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Bot Attack

Worldwide Bot attacks are at a record high – and rising! Definition of a Bot attack (Wikipedia): A destructive or disruptive assault on a computer system carried out by a...

04th Jun 2014
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E-commerce Brick and Mortar?

Is e-commerce Brick and Mortar ready for merchants? I’m coming to the conclusion, after speaking with a lot of people that have more expertise than me, that e-commerce might not...

08th May 2014
B-17 Alps

B-17 Air Raid

B-17 Air Raid on Wiener-Neudorf A/C Plant 26 July 1944 – a mission that should have never been flown 70 years ago this summer, poor command and control cost 2nd Lt....

01st May 2014

Dueling Biometrics

Password Replacement: Dueling Biometrics SAN JOSE, Calif. — On opening day of the fintech showcase Finovate, 1,200 attendees sat through 34 seven-minute presentations, in which companies sought to wow them. Two that created...