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Athens South a Nashville, Tennessee based internet and mobile media marketing firm, uses Best Practicesguidelines to enhance websites. Video content embedded in sites, help page-rankings get high placement. Video production content linked with YouTube or Vimeo is core to our marketing effort. Video is the most searched for content on the internet today, and YouTube is one of the top ways consumers find goods or services. A quality video can be produced for just a few hundred dollars, and video retainers start at just $100 per month, which includes additional website search engine optimization (SEO). Videos can also be monetized on YouTube or Vimeo to produce residual income for you.

Video for Small Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be enhanced by instructional, or humorous video’s that will generate traffic to your website. YouTube is one of the most heavily visited Internet resources for general information.


Permission Based Marketing

Athens-South, LLC only partners with businesses that are proud of the work they do, and want to take advantage of marketing their good name.


Case Study

This small business had a pretty much flat presence on Facebook and the web, until we lit them up with a combination of social media placements (Google Places, Bing, Yelp, et al.).


Gurantee Like No Other

If your business doesn't see an increase in Business after the first three months, the next nine months are free,

16th Apr 2014
shoestring media

Online Media Kit

Online Media Kit for Business Great article. I would take it one step further with an EPK (electronic press kit). Video content is easy to produce and very affordable if...

28th Jul 2013

Photo Extortion

The “Getty Images Photo Extortion Scheme” Photo Extortion Scheme: recently, a client of mine  received a nasty letter from Getty Images, claiming copyright infringement and demanding an immediate “settlement amount” for images...

19th Feb 2013

Pinterest for Business

According to comScore, Pinterest is the fastest-growing websi­te of all times. I’m not surprised at all. It’s addictive, it’s beautiful, it’s inspirational and it’s easy to use. As it’s already been...

30th Nov 2012

PowerBlock TV

Powerblock TV 1963 Ford Galaxy 500 Our first TV appearance with F&P Collision Center on PowerBlock TV. Part of the video restoration we shot of this 63′ Galaxy 500 made...

27th Nov 2012
staging video

Interior Design Video

Interior Design Staging on Vimeo on Vimeo via Interior Design Staging on Vimeo.

27th Nov 2012
Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 5.38.10 PM

Google Glasses

Heads-up display to replace the Smartphone?

14th Nov 2012
google hangout

Google Hangouts

Free Web Conferencing This is a video about setting up a free internet video conference called Google+ Hangouts. Another good reason to join Goggle+.      

30th Oct 2012

Monitoring Social Media

Do you have a choice? Too many business owners my age (54) seem to think that social media (SM) is a game for “kids”. They are making a huge mistake...

28th Oct 2012
bad reviews

Bad Reviews

Bad Yelp Review A merchant called me last week regarding a bad review they received on Yelp,  wanting to know what he could “do about it”.  I almost responded: nothing....

31st Aug 2012
Featured Video by Athens-South

Featured Video

Featured Video by Athens-South Carlisle Interior video was produced from photo’s only. This job required about 4 hours to complete.  


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